People's Association & Radin Mas

The People's Association through Radin Mas CC collaborated with SP MAD on a video content creation project as part of a bigger campaign to showcase the hidden gems in Radin Mas by heightening awareness through social media. The first series will be focusing on hawkers.


A Cup of Sincerity

This documentary features Uncle Mak, a former jail counselor and probation officer who seeks to give back to the community. He touches on his values, why he became a hawker and why he decided to set his stall in Redhill Food Centre. We believed that by conducting this interview, we would be able to demonstrate Uncle Mak's Gems of Radin Mas spirit and be appreciative of Singapore's hawker culture. We also hope that many would be inspired to give back to the communities just as Uncle Mak did.

A Son’s Sacrifice

The documentary features Uncle Kenny, a first-generation hawker selling Nasi Lemak at Telok Blangah Rise. He shares experiences of handling the store and the sacrifices he makes for the care and love for his mum. With his emotional journey, we hope to give a voice to our unsung hawker heroes to appreciate and understand Singapore's hawker culture better for their numerous sacrifices they make than just cooking and serving meals. 

Auntie, More Porridge Please!

This documentary features Auntie Pearly, a veteran hawker sharing her experiences of her laborious job. She touches on her morals and values, the hardships dealt and relationships formed throughout the years of her business. With this intimate interview, we hope to provide a voice to our unsung heroes to encourage a conversation on appreciating and better understanding Singapore’s hawker culture.

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