Crowbar Awards


Tasha Leah Santiago

Awards: 6 Golds, 2 Silvers

A little spacecraft created by NASA in 1997 is sent out to Saturn to study the strange planet. However, he soon develops a goal of his own, and does his best to achieve it.

Ristorantê Defenders

Mah Chi You, Tan Wei Ting, Chong Sze Ting Fenny, Ng Guan Heng Antonio,
Belinda Lee Qian Ying

Awards: 1 Gold

In Ristorantê Defenders, you play the roles as a Garlic mage and an Onion ghost to fend off the fast food family with different spells to impede the enemies or launch attack with towers that you can possess. This game requires player to perform real time resource management and planning while switch roles between two characters.

Experience The Fourbidden

Lee Lok Man

Awards: 1 Silver

“Experience The Fourbidden” is a campaign which aims to educate and raise awareness about ocean protection in children aged 4-8 y/o through sensory play! It focuses on oil spills, chemical pollution, bycatch and algal blooms, explaining the FOURbidden.

Coastal Odyssey

Chia Hui Xin, Ng Wei Xiang, Goh Sin Han Cheng Zhi Feng, Kelly Chua, Nathaniel Tan Jun Yang

Awards: 1 Silver

In Coastal Odyssey, you play as a wandering traveller in search of quests and treasures. After much travelling, you came across a Thousand Form lazing in a rundown structure on stilts in the middle of the sea. It suggests that there is the thrill of treasure hunting in the nearby Clouded Tree kingdom, rumoured to be scattered with magical ashes. With these ashes, a new home can be build and expand to attract other Thousand Forms which can then bring back all the joy and happiness to this water world.


Ashley Ling Si En, Nur Haida Binti Hairi, Darren Toh, Lim Si Ying, Zachary Yee, Escabas Joyce Baldos

Awards: 1 Silver

In the cover of the night,a master hacker infiltrates a mall to expose its illegal usage of security robots.

The Tiong Bahru Affairs

Jocelyn Tan Xin Yee

Awards: 1 Silver, 2 Bronzes

An immersive puzzle tour unfolding the story of a wealthy businessman, Mr Lam, and his love letters to his secret lover. Travel back to the year 1925 and embark on a journey to retrace the footsteps of the secret lovers around the neighborhood of Tiong Bahru.

Hell's Soup Kitchen

Gary Teo Yong Jie

Awards: 2 Silvers,4 Bronzes

An interactive role-play tour experience with witty and playful twists aimed to shift Singaporeans’ perception of Haw Par Villa. Shedding light on various virtues and morality lessons through gamification, participants can also reconnect with their roots through something fun and relatable.

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