School of Business offers a Certificate in Business Course to SP students who are able to cope with their Diploma Course and are willing to pursue an additional certificate qualification in business studies. It is, however, offered only to students on full-time diploma courses with NO equivalent business modules to the Certificate course.

The course aims to provide students with opportunities to understand and appreciate marketing and business concepts. It will provide a head-start for students to work in a business environment when they graduate from their full-time diploma course. They will also be equally equipped with basic marketing and business knowledge for any degree programme with equivalent business elements in its curriculum.

Course Fees

The total cost for 4 semesters is S$400 (@S100 per module)

Course Duration

Year 1, Sem 2: 1st module

Year 2, Sem 1: 2nd module

Year 2, Sem 2: 3rd module

Year 3, Sem 1: 4th module

Class Timing

Evenings only, 6.30pm – 10.30pm for 1st module and 6.30pm – 9.30pm  for all other modules.

Understanding business

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