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Video Analytics For PPE Detection poster Project Poster

At the Energy & Chemicals Training Centre (ECTC), to ensure workplace safety within their pilot plants, all visitors are required to wear their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before entering. A safety officer conducts a check for compliance at the entrance to a pilot plant and any visitor found to be non-compliant will be denied entry.

Even with these checks in place, safety lapses may occur due to human error or the safety officer being unable to be on-site. In a bid to improve workplace safety and resolve the issues present in the manual checking process, the ECTC and Data Science & Analytics Centre (DSAC) have partnered up with the School of Computing to task our students to develop an automated system that uses video analytics and Artificial Intelligence to detect the noncompliance of PPE worn by visitors to the various ECTC pilot plants.

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Hubertus Borst Pauwel


Wang Wei Liang Matthew, Tharine A/P T Ramachandran, Andre Ching Wei Jie, Chia Wee Kiat

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