If you had missed SP's Parents' Forum in June 2021, here is a video with the best bits on the school's course offerings. The time-stamped video will guide you to access the content you are interested in quickly and easily. Enjoy! 




Common ICT Programme (S32)

Are you passionate about Information Technology (IT) but undecided about which IT course to take? The Common ICT Programme is designed to help you make an informed choice. At the end of Year 1 Semester 1, you will be able to make an informed choice in selecting one of the IT courses that you wish to pursue: • S30 Diploma in Applied AI & Analytics (DAAA) • S69 Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) • S54 Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM)

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Applied AI and Analytics (S30)

Believe it or not, you interact with a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) every day! From Siri to Google Home and online chatbots, data analytics and AI make it possible for devices and programmes to respond to us in an almost human-like manner.

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Infocomm Security Management (S54)

Anonymous hackers are attempting to gain access to classified information on a computer system and you need to stop them from carrying out this malicious attack. t the Cyber Wargame Centre, we create such realistic scenarios to prepare you for the REAL cyberthreats!

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Information Technology (S69)

Information Technology (IT) is the driving force behind many digital transformations we see and use today, including the Smart Nation vision.

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SPAI’s Inaugural Machine Learning Bootcamp

12 Jul 2021

SPAI Student Chapter ran a Machine Learning Bootcamp to promote AI literacy within Singapore Polytechnic.

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Infocomm Security Management students shares about their internship experiences

18 Jun 2021

Infocomm Security Management students are able to apply the skills and knowledge they have learnt from their course to their internships.

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SOC Students on FWD project

SP students put what they learnt in school into practice; design a game to promote insurance knowledge

20 Jan 2021

Three SoC students underwent the pilots of SP’s Industry Now Curriculum (INC), which aims to replace half of the diploma course with relevant industry projects and internships.

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S’pore Poly ramps up industry training for students

19 Jan 2021

Alyssia Teo from the Diploma in Information Technology course shared the benefits and challenges of working on real-world projects and being mentored by industry professionals in place of conventional classroom modules.

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Aspire to protect internet users against cyber-attacks

4 Jan 2021

Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) student Venus Lim shares her aspiration and FIRST experience with SP.

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Infocomm Security Management alumnus' journey to success

4 Jan 2021

Infocomm Security Management alumnus stayed the course and had the gumption to pursue his passion, albeit a longer route. Today, he has achieved his goal and more by being a DISM student in SP.

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Cyber Security Academy

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Specialist Diploma in Full Stack Web Development

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Specialist Diploma in Cyber Security Management

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Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Big Data & Streaming Analytics)

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Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Artificial Intelligence)

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Diploma in Infocomm & Digital Media (Cyber Security)

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Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Cyber Security)

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Diploma (Conversion) in Web & Programming

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