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Cyber Security Infrastructure Configuration Testbed

A new module, Cyber Security Infrastructure Configuration (CIC), will be taught as part of the Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) curriculum. The purpose of CIC is to supplement the existing networking curriculum and educate students on Enterprise Networking-related skills. Skills such as a good understanding of Enterprise Network Architecture and security, familiarity with network devices and Next-Gen Infrastructure and hands-on skills in configuring Enterprise-Level Networks. The CIC Testbed will be used as a teaching platform to enable SP DISM lecturers to conduct effective lessons and educate students on networking-in-depth and skills relevant to CIC.

The team has designed and made improvements to the existing design and elements of the CIC Testbed. Examples of such elements are Palo Alto Firewall Protections (Packet Decryption and Deep Packet Analysis), a Honeypot server, a Web server, an Integrated Internal Email Server and lastly Active Directory Integrated Authentication. The team has also created 12 comprehensive and detailed setup documentation, ranging from the most basic elements of the network, such as the Set-up of Routers, to the complex process of performing a DNS Exfiltration Attack. These documents will be used as a resource for the creation of the CIC module materials.


Karl Kwan


Pang Yong Kang Ignatius | Tan Jing Zhi Lucas | James Teo Kuan Wee | Sean Goh Shao Hui | Shum Joe Yew



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