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If your surroundings are more than just a place to you, perhaps you should consider making your mark on them! Here at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, we'll take you on a journey of discovery about the places you pass through from day to day. Students are moulded into professionals to execute concepts and designs for a built environment that is conducive for quality living.


From architecture to events management, we are the only school currently offering a comprehensive range of built environment programmes. Strong support for well-trained specialists  are needed to design and maintain  buildings and infrastructure projects to achieve the Singaporean identity and facilitate a vibrant lifestyle. With many built environment developments in the pipeline, there will be ample opportunities for graduates in the future.




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Historical Milestone

The School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE) is the first (since the 1950s) and most established school in the training of professionals in the built environment. The following table shows the milestones in the School History:

1958 - 1959Part-time Technician Diploma in Architectural Draughtsmanship and Part-time Technician Diploma in Building conducted by Dept of Architecture & Building.
1960 - 1961Part-time Technician Diploma in Civil Engineering conducted by the Dept of Engineering.
1961 - 1962Dept of Architecture & Building offered Professional Diploma in Architecture and Professional Diploma in Building as well as Technician Diploma in Architectural Draughtsmanship, Building and Structural Engineering.  Dept of Engineering offered Professional Diploma as well as Technician Diploma in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.
1965 - 1966Under an arrangement with the University of Singapore, degrees were awarded to engineering, architecture and accountancy students.
1966 - 1967The School of Architecture & Building offered a degree course in Architecture, Professional Diploma courses in Building, Quantity Surveying and Valuation as well as technician courses in Architectural Draughtsmanship, Building, Land Surveying and Structural Engineering.  The School of Engineering offered degree courses in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and other full and part time technician courses.
1969 - 1970In May 1969, the degree courses of the Schools of Engineering and Architecture & Building, along with the School of Accountancy, were transferred to the University of Singapore. The Civil Engineering & Building Dept was set up and offered Technician Diploma courses in Architectural Draughtsmanship, Building, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Structural Engineering.
1978 - 1979Technician Certificate in Architectural Draughtsmanship introduced.
1982 - 1983Technician Certificate in Architectural Draughtsmanship phased out and replaced with Architectural Technician Diploma.  Technician Diploma in Quantity Surveying introduced. Technician Diploma in Civil Engineering renamed Technician Diploma in Civil Engineering Construction.  Technician Diploma in Structural Engineering renamed Technician Diploma in Civil Engineering Design.
1984 - 1985Three year full-time Technician Diploma in Land Surveying introduced.
1986 - 1987All Technician Diploma courses renamed Diploma courses.  The Dept offered Diploma in Architectural Technology, Building, Quantity Surveying, Civil Engineering (which replaced Diplomas in Civil Engineering Construction and Civil Engineering Design) and Land Surveying.
1990 - 1991Diploma in Building introduced options in Construction Technology, Quantity Surveying and Maintenance Technology.
1991 - 1992Diploma in Quantity Surveying discontinued.
1993 - 1994Diploma in Civil & Structural Engineering replaced Diploma in Civil Engineering.
1994 - 1995Diploma in Building renamed Diploma in Building & Property Management, with options in Construction Management & Quantity Surveying and Property Marketing and Management.
2001 - 2002The Civil Engineering & Building Department was renamed School of the Built Environment & Design.
2002 - 2003Diploma in Interior Design introduced.
2003 - 2004Diploma in Architectural Technology renamed Diploma in Architecture.
2004 - 2005Diploma in Building & Property Management renamed Diploma in Property Development & Facilities Management with options in Quantity Surveying and Property & Facilities Management.  New Diploma in Landscape Architecture introduced.
2006 - 2007School renamed School of Design & the Environment.
2007 - 2008With the transfer of Diploma in Interior Design to the new School of Design, the school was renamed School of the Built Environment.  Two new diplomas Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology and Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management, were introduced.
2008 - 2009Diploma in Civil & Structural Engineering renamed Diploma in Civil Engineering and Management.
2009 - 2010The school was renamed School of Architecture & the Built Environment and with the School of Design, forms the Architecture, Design and Environment Cluster (ADEC).
2010 - 2011Diploma in Civil Engineering and Management renamed Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business while the Diploma in Property Development and Facilities Management was restructured and renamed Diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management.
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