The School of Architecture and the Built Environment, as it is known today, is the first and the most established school, since the 1950s, in the training of professionals in the built environment. Over the years, we have changed the school name to better reflect the diplomas that we offer. ABE is now headed by Mr Faris Akbar Hajamaideen, our Director, and 4 Deputy Directors. We are proud to have 6 Diplomas to our name. They are Diploma in Architecture,  Diploma in Landscape Architecture, Diploma in Interior Design, Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business, Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management and Diploma in Facilities Management.

In tandem with Singapore’s transformation of our built environment, we also offer Diploma Plus Programmes in Sustainability, Humanitarian Affairs and Quantity Surveying. As mentioned by our PM, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, in his national day speech, “…..we must make sure that all the students graduate whichever way they go, gain relevant skills and finding good jobs.”

Besides our dedicated lecturers, alumni are also part of our school. You, yes you, are our best ambassadors! “Please make the effort because for your alma-mater to prosper, the alumni group is what makes the difference.”

- Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, National Day Rally 2010 Speech.




School of Architecture & the Built Environment

Singapore Polytechnic

500 Dover Road

Singapore 139651


Representative: Ms Carol Tan

Email: carol_tan@sp.edu.sg

Tel: 6772 1062

SP's Very First Graduation Ceremony in 1961

The 7th Graduation Ceremony in 1967

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