ABE Experience


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Singapore Polytechnic is an effective and a very enjoyable place to learn. Here, school activities go beyond academics and athletics. There are numerous CCA clubs and events that we can join explore new interests, learn new skills and meet like-minded people. I particularly appreciated how the Diploma in Architecture's challenging projects and classes allowed me to develop my resilience, enhance my creativity and prepare for my future career in Architecture.

Kelly Teh Ke Xin, DARCH, Admitted via Join Admission Programme

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Life in SP is a very fulfilling experience. Not only do I get to pursue that which interests me the most, but I am also able to pursue my artistic interests such as photography while working on school projects. It gives me a great chance to exercise multiple skills which assist in my development into a well-rounded person. I enjoy my course because of the helpful and friendly lecturers, the interesting, extensive and detailed content and the challenging projects. This allows us to develop creative, logical and technical skills which helps us to become balanced individuals and effective future employees.

Yusuf Ismail, DARCH, Admitted via Joint Admission Programme  

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Life in Singapore Polytechnic is completely different compared to life in Secondary and Primary schools. The lessons are fast-paced and frequently self-directed. SP has taught me to take charge of my own learning and to be focused and responsible for unlocking my own potential. Along the way, I was pleased to have forged strong relationships with friends and lecturers that have made my SP journey enjoyable, meaningful and easy going. I'm grateful to have gone through the Diploma in Interior Design course and am excited to use the skills I learnt to become a successful interior designer.

Arquillano Jireh Ladera, DID, Join via Early Admission Exercise  


The Diploma in Interior Design in Singapore Polytechnic has definitely instilled in me a greater sense of independence and has taught me not only to appreciate the aesthetics of the design but also the way it engages with the environment and the people in it. I will never forget these three valuable years of working with design-driven students from a variety of backgrounds. They have given me a lot of different perspectives and broaden my ability to explore and venture different outlooks into the environment.


Muhammad Dannish Bhoy Bin Noman Bhoy, DID, Join via Joint Poly Admission Exercise

DLA_Tara 300x200

My time in Singapore Polytechnic has been very interesting so far. I got to meet people of different backgrounds and personality and forged strong bonds with them. I like my course, the Diploma in Landscape Architecture, as it makes me more conscious about the environment and how we can improve it in the future.


Tiara Sabrina Binte Muhammad Anwar, DLA, Join via Early Admission Exercise

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Studying in Singapore Polytechnic has taught to be more adaptable. With students coming from different walks of life, I am able to experience working with a diverse group of people with different perspectives. This made me learn to work with a variety of people, and develop problem solving skills which will help me when dealing with clients in the real world. Moreover, SP provides students with excellent facilities and lecturers that are eager to guide students through challenging assignments. This study environment has motivated me to push myself to higher standards of work.


NYAN HTAT HTAR, DLA, Admitted via joint admission programme

R Shaktiya Dharsan_DEPM 300x200

Life at Singapore Polytechnic has been absolutely surreal. No two days have been the same as another and every day has been a completely new experience. My course, the Diploma in Integrated Events and Project Management (DEPM) provides me with not just the theory behind event planning, but a myriad of hands-on opportunities to put what I have learnt to use. If you are ever in need of a break, the SP campus has a bountiful number of places worth exploring to relax and create memories that will last you a lifetime.


R SHAKTIYA DARSHAN, DEPM, Join via Early Admission Exercise


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School life in SP has been a really fun and interesting experience so far. At the beginning, I was afraid that I would not be able to adapt to the new environment and modules that I was unfamiliar with. However, I have made great friends here that would guide me along through challenging times and made my life in school so much more enjoyable.


ONG ZI WEI, DEPM, Join via Joint Admission Program


Gorle sirivarshini_DCE 300x200

My three years in Singapore Polytechnic have been very nurturing. They provided me with opportunities to discover myself – uncovering my strengths, developing my confidence and exploring my passions in life. My course, Diploma in Civil Engineering has taught me how to work in a team and exercise my creativity through the many design modules. The life skill modules also help grow into a well-rounded person.


GORLE SIRIVARSHINI, DCE, Admitted via joint admission programme


Gan Yi Xiang-DCE 300x200

Singapore Polytechnic has transformed me from a pessimist with a fixed mind-set to an optimist with a growth one. I used to see only difficult tasks all around me but after my first year at SP, I realised that I was just focusing on the wrong things. The multitude of experiences at SP, coupled with the relentless workload, forced me to develop better time-management habits. This led to more accomplishments and successes and eventually changed my attitude and outlook on life. After the ABE experience, I can see plenty of opportunity and success awaiting me in the working world.


Gan Yi Xiang, DCE, Admitted via Joint Admission Program



Singapore Polytechnic has gifted me with a fresh and fulfilling learning journey. The various classes in the Diploma of Facilities Management are very relevant to the industry and taught me what it takes to become a modern day facilities manager. The self-directed lectures were thorough, engaging and allowed me to learn at my own pace. My learning was further enhanced through hands on activities in the aesthetically pleasing facilities management lab. After this vibrant and robust education in SP, I eagerly and confidently look forward to what lies ahead in my future career.


Darius Wong Kai He, DFM, Admitted via Joint Admission Program


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Due to my batch starting off the school year last year with online learning, school life could definitely be better once COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifted. The relevance of the materials that we are being taught, the scope of stuff that we are learning as well.


Ng Ding Yao, DFM, Join via Direct Admission Exercise

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