ABE Experience


SP is educational, nurturing, exciting and unexpected. My friends and I were all once shy and introverted, but through the three years here, we've grown into young adults adept at socializing and interacting with others. In the Diploma of Architecture (DARCH), I enjoyed having the freedom to complete projects and work at my own timing and pace. Additionally, I learnt how manage my time between the various projects, exam revision, social time with my friends and home time with my family. Unlike secondary school where teachers gave us reminders and spoon fed us information, my lecturers guided and motivated me through our self-directed lectures. They were truly mentors.

Austin William Chan, DARCH, Admitted via Poly Foundation Programme

DARCH_Yusof 300x200

Life in SP is a very fulfilling experience. Not only do I get to pursue that which interests me the most, but I am also able to pursue my artistic interests such as photography while working on school projects. It gives me a great chance to exercise multiple skills which assist in my development into a well-rounded person. I enjoy my course because of the helpful and friendly lecturers, the interesting, extensive and detailed content and the challenging projects. This allows us to develop creative, logical and technical skills which helps us to become balanced individuals and effective future employees.

Yusuf Ismail, DARCH, Admitted via Joint Admission Programme  

DID-Farah 300x200

Life in Singapore Polytechnic has been a very fast paced, but enjoyable time. I’ve learnt so many things & met many new people. SP truly is a place where one can grow into one’s fullest potential. I love how my creativity can be embraced, explored and further developed throughout my course, the Diploma in Interior Design.

Nur Farah Binti Juffri, DID, Join via Early Admission Exercise  

DID_Isabel 300x200

School life in SP has been an exciting experience. Adapting to the new environment and change in education system was and can still be frightening at times but because of the encouragement of the friends and peers I have around me as well as the patience and support of lecturers, my life in SP has been very enjoyable and thoroughly enriching. The Diploma in Interior Design has equiped me with many useful skillsets as well as allow me to explore my creativity in many different aspects.


Isabel Kon, DID, Join via Joint Admission Exercise

DLA_Tara 300x200

My time in Singapore Polytechnic has been very interesting so far. I got to meet people of different backgrounds and personality and forged strong bonds with them. I like my course, the Diploma in Landscape Architecture, as it makes me more conscious about the environment and how we can improve it in the future.


Tiara Sabrina Binte Muhammad Anwar, DLA, Join via Early Admission Exercise

DLA_Layla 300x200

Studying in Singapore Polytechnic has made me develop a greater sense of independence. I also like that I have gotten to meet and know people from many different backgrounds. I like working with and studying the environment, learning how to contribute to it and being creative through technical work like drawings and ideation.


Layla Grace O’Connor, DLA, Join via Joint Admission Exercise


I enjoy life in Singapore Polytechnic far more than I enjoyed my Secondary School life. I have more personal time and freedom to pursue my interests. It is not as stressful and rigid. I also enjoy the lessons in the Diploma in Event and Project Management as they tend to be subjects that I find meaningful and useful in the working world such as Principles of Management and Law.


Tan Wei Bin Bryant, DEPM, Join via Early Admission Exercise

DEPM_Rukhshana 300x200

Life in Singapore Polytechnic has been a monumental change from secondary school. I had to adapt to a new way of having lessons and doing school work. The first few weeks were challenging because of the focus on flipped learning as well as the need to stay consistent in my studies despite the many distractions. In the end, the Diploma in Event and Project Management has been very interesting and engaging. I love the idea of creating, planning and organising events that bring joy and happiness to people. I hope to be able to hone my skills through these years and learn to plan even better events for the future.


Rukhshana Binte Mahboob Ali, DEPM, Join via Joint Admission Exercise

DCEB_Kamesh 300x200

I joined Singapore Polytechnic in 2020 through the PolyFoundation Program which helped me to develop skills that prepared me better for the Diploma in Civil Engineering. It also helped me to adapted better to polytechnic life and helped me to cope better. I chose SP because of the convenience (with Dover MRT at our doorstep), state of the art facilities and vibrant learning life (with a wide range of CCAs) that has made this a thoroughly enjoyable experience. My absolute favourite aspect of the DCE is the practical and lab sessions as I love hands-on learning activities.


Meenakshi Sundaram Kameshwaran, DCE, Join via Poly Foundation Programme

DFM_DingYao 300x200

Due to my batch starting off the school year last year with online learning, school life could definitely be better once COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifted. The relevance of the materials that we are being taught, the scope of stuff that we are learning as well.


Ng Ding Yao, DFM, Join via Direct Admission Exercise

DFM_Amanda 300x200

It is a fulfilling experience. It is relevant to our daily life for example learning about the structure of the building. For example I can use the knowledge of the wall and floor finishes when my house needs to renovate next time.


Amanda Tay Sook Ee, DFM, Join via Joint Admission Exercise