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Facilities Management Lab

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The Facilities Management Lab is integrated with the Building Services Lab to provide learning spaces for building services and facilities management training. The learning centre is infused with smart technologies to showcase smart facilities management. It has a mock-up fire command centre and is well equipped with furniture, building services equipment and fixtures such as sanitary, electrical, lighting, air-conditioning, fire safety, security and telecommunication systems, etc. to enhance the teaching of both the building services as well as the facilities management modules.

Environmental Laboratory

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Environmental Laboratory is equipped with analytical instruments for the testing of water and wastewater samples, jar tests and hydrology studies, testing equipment for measurements in pipe and open channel, determination of pipe friction and fitting losses and the study of open channel flow characteristics.

Hands-on experiments are designed to help students reinforce their understanding of modules such as Water Technology, Solid Waste Management and Hydrology & Hydraulic.


Environmental Lab


Hydraulic Lab

Design Studios

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The Design Studios are equipped with 2-dimensional documentation and 3-dimensional modeling and visualization software such as SketchUp Pro and Autodesk Suite to facilitate studio-based teaching and learning. The design studios are designed to encourage personalised guidance by lecturers through interaction during tutorials. Student’s works’ are also displayed for independent learning and sharing among peers. In addition, 3D Laser Cutter and Milling machine as well as 3D printers are also available for students' use.

W5A DARCH Studio


DID Studio


DLA Studio

Event Space

The Event Space is an incubating ground for students to learn, plan and simulate different events through a versatile mini performing theatre that is integrated with an exhibition hall.
This laboratory also provides the space for interactive learning through experimentation with audio visual systems and its effects on common event backdrops.


Event Space


Event Hall

Material Testing, Building Maintenance and Structures Laboratories @Dream Builders 1

Material Testing, Building Maintenance and Structures Laboratories @Dream Builders 1

The Materials Testing Laboratory provides facilities for experimental studies on the properties and strengths of various materials encountered in building and civil engineering works. A range of equipment is available for the various standard tests on cement, aggregate, concrete, bricks and materials for roads. Facilities are also available for students to try out various concrete production processes such as mixing, placing, curing and testing concrete.

The structural simulation and testing equipment in the Structures Laboratory complement the study of the modules on Structural Mechanics, Structural Analysis and Steel Design & CAD. Simple models of structures are used to study structural behaviour and to illustrate the fundamental concepts of structural mechanics.

Experiments can be performed on simple structural elements for the measurement of relevant forces, displacements as well as strains.

The Building Maintenance Laboratory is to be used as support centres for building surveying and defect diagnosis work to be carried out on sites. The Building Maintenance lab is equipped with a range of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment and instruments which will allow students to learn the salient points of physical building inspection, defect diagnosis and maintenance.

Dream Builders 1


Geotechnical Laboratory @ Dream Builders 2

Geotechnical Laboratory @ Dream Builders 2

The laboratory provides facilities for the testing of various physical properties and compressibility characteristics of soils. Experiments related to shear strength and compressibility of soil are fully computerized with data loggers to capture data and soil software to process the data.

A wide range of geotechnical instruments are also available as teaching aids.

Experiments can be performed on simple structural elements for the measurement of relevant forces, displacements as well as strains.


CE e-studios

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The CE e-Studios consist of 2 labs, equipped with more than 20 PC systems. The studios provide facilities for students to use specialized computer software for their assignments and course of studies. Some of these software are SAP2000, ArcGIS, Autodesk and Adobe suite.

CE Studio


Geomatics Laboratory

The Geomatics Laboratory has state-of-the-art surveying instruments that integrate and automate the process of data acquisition and mapping. These instruments include survey-grade GPS receivers, Total Stations, robotic total stations, digital levels and optical levels. With these resources, the lab provides support in teaching and training DCEB students in the field of Geomatics. The laboratory also provides technical support to external organisations for R&D and industry-linked projects. In addition, the Geomatics Lab is a Registered Research Lab of Intergraph and a subscriber to the Singapore Land Authority(SLA) SiReNT (Singapore Satellite Positioning Reference Network) Services, which include Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS), for rapid GPS data acquisition.

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FM e-Studios

FM Studio

The FM e-Studios consist of 2 labs, equipped with PC systems. The studios provide facilities for students to use specialised computer software for their assignments and course of studies. Some of these software are Adobe and Autodesk suite.

FM Studio


Event Management Office

The Event Management Office is equipped with the essential office facilities to support students in the conduct of their event projects. It provides a conducive space for students to meet, communicate and execute their event businesses.

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Black Box



The Black Box is another space to facilitate students’ exploration of event ideas. It is designed with a vibrant ambience and writable walls to encourage students’ active visualisation and verbalisation of their event concepts and processes. Excellent works of students are also displayed here for sharing among peers.

Black Box


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The fabSTUDIO is an initiative aimed to create awareness of digital fabrication through sharing of knowledge and conducting of short courses for staff and students. Located at workshop W415, fabSTUDIO houses a centralized digital fabrication facility with studio spaces that flourishes a cross-disciplinary community within ABE. It is equipped with wide range of machines such as laser cutters, 3D printers, 3D CNC miller, high-end Graphical CAD workstation, A1/A0 size colour Plotter and photography/videography green room.


Digital Building Innovation Centre

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Established to raise smart innovation digital awareness and solutions with likeminded individuals and companies, Digital Building Innovation Centre (DBIC) capitalises on technology to help businesses transform collaboration, productivity, and innovation across various built environment disciplines. It is SP’s main centre representing industry transformation map for the Built Environment Sector.


Fabrication Workshop

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The Fabrication workshop is equipped with facilities and tools to support students in the exploration of their project and design through working with materials and models.  The students will have hands-on experience in traditional prototyping as part of design experimentation. They are able to conceptualise, prepare and assemble their models in a guided and safe environment. Realising their designs while learning and appreciating craft and woodwork making skills.


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