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Bryan Lee Jia En

Diploma in Architecture
Class of 2020
Singapore Institute of Architects Gold Medal

Even as a little boy, stacking pillows and laying bolsters around the bed could spark joy and ignite my senses. Today, my idea of beauty is more than the superficial physical appearance which once stood out to me. I enjoy viewing the world from a third-person perspective where I observe how people and the environment interact and document my thoughts in my little sketchbook.

The three years in SP has definitely been a rewarding journey as I am fortunate to have had many opportunities to grow as a designer in the last 3 years, from participating in both local and international competitions such as the URA CUBE challenge, International Built Environment BIM Competition and Microhomes, to being recognized by the school with Model Student Award, ABE Prize and Kumpulan Akitek prize.

As a student, every failure I have met allowed me to take away something valuable which made me better in my craft. SP has certainly prepared me well for the next phase of my life. I long for the day when my ideas materialise into reality.

Bryan Lee Jia En

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