Heng Cheng Sin

Diploma in Architecture

Awarded Singapore Institute of Architects Gold Medal 2013

Awarded Board of Architects Prize 2013

Awarded LOOK Architects Prize 2013

Awarded Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore Prize 2013


Before I entered SP, I knew that science and math were not my interest subjects but design was. I began to explore my passion towards design and soon discovered that I had a strong interest in architecture. I decided to pursue my dream in Diploma of Architecture (DARCH) in SP.

Life in SP Architecture course was a very different experience; it was my first time studying in a project-based course and having my exam results based on the presentation we called 'critique’ sessions. Whenever we needed more inspiration, the SP library would be the place to go. The vast range of architectural books available there was astounding and we could easily find books that could never be found in public libraries. Despite spending most of our time on projects, my friends and I managed to squeeze some time to relax at the Moberly equipped with pool tables, jamming and even karaoke rooms.

I also got to visit Beijing as part of a study trip in Yr 2 where we visited famous historical sites such as the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China and the Beijing Olympic Park. It was also a time of bonding and an eye-opening experience for everyone. I was also very fortunate to have forged good friendships beyond my course of study in CCAs. Through internship, I also had the great opportunity to experience design in architecture, as well as exposure in the real working world.

Choosing to study in DARCH was the best decision I had ever made.

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