Cheong Mun Ngah

Currently Studying at MIT, USA

Class of 2008

DCSE, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE

Diploma in Civil & Structure Engineering (Merit)

DCSE Gold Medal


Congratulations to Mun Ngah for gaining admission into the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA! She is offered a MIT Scholarship (Financial Aid). Mun Ngah graduated in 2008 from the DCSE course at SP with a Diploma with Merit. She was awarded the DCSE Gold Medal and many other prizes. Starting 8 Sep 2009, Mun Ngah will begin her Bachelor in Civil Engineering course at MIT as a transfer student.


1. Which secondary school did you go to?

Kuen Cheng Girls' High School in KL.


2. Why choose to study Civil Engineering at SP?

I like the Civil Engineering course overview at the SP website. And I think it is cool and fun to build something.


3. Any sweet memories from your students' days at SP?

Yes, I love SP and there are many sweet memories indeed. It is a fantastic place for students to have fun while studying. There are plenty of resources and facilities at SP such as libraries, laboratories, sport facilities and Moberly which can help us to excel in both academic and non-academic pursuits. SP lecturers and laboratory technicians are very friendly, and they are willing to help and guide us all the time. We stayed up late in school just to finish some projects and prepare for presentations. Sometimes, we formed study groups in campus to help each other understand better in certain modules. I will never forget my final year project on "Recycled Concrete Aggregates in Structural Use". It was challenging but yet memorable for everyone in our team.


4. Any interesting experience from working in the industry upon graduation from SP?

I can't deny that the DCSE course has given me a solid engineering foundation. Indeed, my boss has assigned many different tasks to me such as design of swimming pool, retaining wall and covered linkways, and was involved in A&A projects. I also participated in designing a 60-storey residential tower and a 50-storey office tower. Besides that, I have opportunities to attend meetings and visit construction sites. It was a great opportunity to pick up experience on real engineering projects in industry.


5. Any offers from the local/foreign universities?

Why didn't you accept these offers? MIT, NUS, NTU, UNSW and the University of Melbourne. I wish I can accept all the offers, but I can't do that. MIT is a world-class educational institution that trains students to develop a strong scientific, technical and humanistic foundation. At the same time, MIT encourages its students to develop creativity in analyzing problems and seeking solutions.


6. Any other thoughts?

"A butterfly is not more caterpillar or a better or improved caterpillar; a butterfly is a different creature," note authors Tracy Goss, Richard Pascale and Anthony Athos. I believe that studying at MIT will enable my wings to grow stronger - to accept and overcome challenges and uncertainties of a new environment, and thus transform myself into a successful person.

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