Fu Zhiwen

Project Engineer


Class of 2003

Singapore Polytechnic, ABE School

Fu ZhiWen was from Anglo-Chinese (Barker) Secondary School and enrolled in SP with 10 points in 2000. He graduated in 2003 with a Diploma with Merit. He was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Award, Course Medal and many other prizes. In 2008, ZhiWen graduated from NUS with 1st Class Honours and is presently working with LTA as a Project Engineer.

  1. Describe your days in Secondary Three.

Having done quite well for the secondary 2 promotion exams, I was placed in the triple science and double math class in secondary 3. The transition from lower to upper secondary demanded more devotion of time and effort to the enlarged academic scope. After all the hard work put in to get into a good upper secondary class, I didn t perform up to mark and failed many of my A Math, History and Biology term tests. My lack luster academic results were attributed to lack of focus on studies and fondness for soccer at recess and after school. As expected I didn t do too well for the year end promotion exam but managed to transit to secondary 4.


  1. What advice would you give to Secondary Four students?

Secondary Four students must focus on the task of passing the 'O'-Levels with flying colours, by removing most of your toxic distractions. Your short term goal should be to do well in the 'O'-Levels, setting yourself a goal will help motivate you along the way. You can also plan a study time-table to help you better manage the time and ensure you have used your precious time wisely and have covered all your exam scope.


  1. What are two things that you enjoy most in SP?

I enjoyed the food at SP, with a wide variety of choices from several food courts. And I also enjoyed the campus life in SP, with an emphasis on all round education. Students remain in campus after lessons to participate in a wide spectrum of ECAs.


  1. What do you say of your lecturers at SP?

They are very professional in delivering their lectures and tutorials. And outside lessons, they are approachable for assistance in academic work or advice to a personal problem. Their lectures are tailored to suit the learning capacity of the students, which is very beneficial as it ensures most students understand the topic and importantly, knowledge is gained.


  1. How has SP prepared you for university studies?

SP has taught me the fundamentals well, so that I can built upon it when I continued with my university education. The group projects that I have done in SP which focus on problem solving also prepared me to go about solving tutorial problems in university. Having spent three years in SP, I have adapted to the modular academic system and realized the importance of seeing how the concepts taught in each module are inter-related.

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