1st Class Honours in Civil Engineering from NUS in 2009

Liu Guo Jie graduated from our Diploma in Civil & Structural Engineering (DCSE) course from the School of Architecture & the Built Environment, Singapore Polytechnic in 2006. And he has obtained his 1st Class Honours in Civil Engineering from NUS in 2009. He is currently pursuing his Masters at NUS. He was also awarded the TUCSS (Tunnelling and Underground Construction Society (Singapore) Geotechnical Engineering Award. Guo Jie had his secondary education in China.

1. What were the two things you enjoyed most at SP?

Well, SP has provided me with lots of co-curricular activities. Through CCAs, I met a group of fantastic friends at SP. Besides that, I think SP provides many facilities for students. I also enjoyed studying at SP's central library. The ambience there is really good.


2. What do you say of your lecturers at SP?

Lecturers I met at SP are all great. As a teacher, they are competent in delivering knowledge. As a friend, they are helpful to give invaluable advice.


3. How has SP prepared you for university studies?

I think SP has taught me the fundamentals and showed me the overall picture of civil engineering. So that, when I went to university, the basic understanding I had is definitely an advantage. In addition, SP has taught me good teamwork skills through the many projects I had to undertake.


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