Michelle Ng Suan Giok


Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business

Class of 2016

Singapore Contractors Association Silver Medal

Singapore Concrete Institute Prize



In 2013, I stepped into Singapore Polytechnic on my first day of school. Never did it cross my mind that 3 years of polytechnic study would shape me into who I am today, someone who I truly enjoy being as. It has certainly brought me closer to realising my teenage dreams and ignited the passion within me to strive for more.

Being in a foreign country, the people whom I met in SP became my pillar of strength, a fact I will always be thankful for. My friends, who were always supportive, had given me courage and encouragement during times when I was down. Also not forgetting the lecturers who were constantly keen in sharing textbook knowledge and their valuable experience as well as possible challenges we might face in the future. Their sharing allowed me to get a clearer picture of my future career and prospects.

Having the option for students to take up Diploma Plus (Dip+) Programme, an equivalent to a Certificate, SP encouraged us to broaden the horizons and explore the academic fields of our choice. I had chosen Sustainability as the module topic in view of the future trends affecting infrastructure. As it turned out, it had helped me to realign my priorities in project designs. The experience was also one of its kind where students of various diploma studies were able to attend lessons and complete projects together, making the learning process even more interesting and enjoyable. 

Last but not least, I am grateful that I had taken the chance to challenge my limits in SP. The conducive and inclusive environment was indeed the best place for one to enable their dreams to come true.

SP Sustainability Matters