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Psalm Micaela Salde

Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business
Class of 2022

With an interest in solving puzzles, a passion for math, and a fascination in the development of infrastructure around Singapore, Civil Engineering was the best fit for me as a career path. I chose to pursue my diploma in SP and it turned out to be the right decision. My ABE lecturers were truly professionals who displayed their mastery of Civil Engineering throughout the lessons they taught.

One of most memorable experience I have in SP was when we were challenged to build a structure to withstand 90kg of imposed load for a module – Introduction to Civil Engineering. During this time, I not only gained better actual understanding of structures, but also became closer to my classmates. The overwhelming and daunting task paid off when our modular structure weighing about 400g withstood the weight of 90kg. I also added a helicopter I made from ice cream sticks to make our structure more appealing.

I did my internship at Advanced Materials Technology Centre (AMTC) which is in SP. During the 12-week internship attachment, I was tasked to conduct compositional tests and research for the environmental impact and performance of asphalt containing processed plastic waste. My internship had also complemented my Final Year Project.

The experience had opened my eyes to other possibilities under the Civil Engineering domain, making me see research and development as a possible career option.

During my third year in SP along with my classmates, we embarked on 3 different competitions. Out of 63 teams which joined the NUS Built Environment Case Competition (BECC) 2021, my team and I managed to make it into the Top 10 and won the People’s Choice Award.

I am grateful to all the lecturers in SP who have imparted their knowledge and wisdom to me through my three years here. In ABE, I was given all the opportunities to figure out what I excelled in with the help of my peers and lecturers.

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