Vincent Lin Wenjun

Project Engineer

Ho Lee Construction Pte Ltd

Class of 2002

Singapore Polytechnic, ABE School


Vincent Lin Wenjun was from YuYing Secondary School, enrolled in SP with 13 points in 1999 and graduated in 2002. In 2007, Vincent graduated from NUS with 1st Class Honours. He had also won numerous awards and prizes at NUS. And he is presently working as a Project Engineer with Ho Lee Construction Pte Ltd.

  1. Describe your days in Secondary Three.

During those days when I was still in Secondary Three, what I can recall was that I had been playing a lot of basketball, soccer and having lots of fun (whether it was during the recess time or after school), even though I was supposed to be studying hard. Things were still rather simple and I would always rush through my homework in class (not paying attention to some other lessons), so that I would be able to fully enjoy myself after school without the burden of the need to complete my homework at home later on. Study wasn't my first priority at that point of time as I didn't understand the importance of education then, and more importantly, the impact it would have on me in future when I stepped into the working society.


  1. What advice would you give to Secondary Four students?

It is important for these young adults to have a fair share of fun and enjoyment before they step into the tedium working society. However, when it comes to examinations, which would be the 'O' Levels for the Secondary Four students, they must be able to distinguish and prioritize their commitments, and also put in 101% of their effort in their revisions for the examinations. They have to learn to work hard and also play hard which is what our government have been promoting - to have a work-life balance.


  1. What are two things that you enjoy most in SP?

One of the things that I have enjoyed most in SP would be working late at night in school with a group of my classmates to work on the "lantern on river" competition in year 2001. Although we did not win anything in the competition, I have learnt about how to construct a "brilliant" cut diamond which was almost One Meter in Diameter!
Another thing that I have enjoyed in SP was the land surveying lessons. We would carry the surveying instruments and move around the campus to measure the Reduced Levels for our practical lessons. The funniest thing was that we were never able to close the "surveying loop" with small error and often when we return to the initial point where we have started, with the Reduced Level on that particular spot changed "significantly"!


  1. What do you say of your lecturers at SP?

SP lecturers are fun, humorous and out with a single objective - that is to mould quality civil engineers to construct and maintain the high quality of infrastructures in Singapore. Lessons conducted by SP lecturers are always lively and interesting and you will never fall asleep in class even though you have only slept for two hours the previous day. SP lecturers are also our friends and guardian whom we can casually joke with and also seek for serious advice.


  1. How has SP prepared you for university studies?

The theoretical classes, practical lessons, as well as the student internship program have all together prepared me well for my University studies. The theoretical classes provided me with the fundamental knowledge and gave me good understanding on the engineering subject especially for the structural and geotechnical design modules. The practical lessons in which we have built a "mini" bungalow from its foundation stage using steel nails as the "pile foundation", chicken wire mesh as the "slab reinforcement" etc have provided me with the inside of how a structure should be constructed. The two other student internship programs that I have gone through complemented the academic program in school and provided me the industrial experiences that many other students in the University would have not gone through. All these have contributed and laid a strong foundation for me to strive for further academic achievements in the University.
Hope my experience as a former secondary school student and my journey through SP are able to motivate more students to join our industry.

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