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Yip Wen Xuan

Diploma in Civil Engineering
Class of 2023

In 2020, I had the opportunity to connect with the senior students and lecturers during the ABE Open House, and their passion and enthusiasm made me choose Civil Engineering as my first-choice course of study. From someone who initially had fears about pursuing an engineering program, I am now proud to have been awarded the course medallist of the Diploma in Civil Engineering. My journey at SP has been unforgettable and will be cherished in my memories for years to come.

Being part of the first batch of freshmen entering SP during a global pandemic presented its challenges. The transition to virtual classes and the need to stay at home were not easy. I am sincerely grateful to SP and my lecturers for their unwavering support and the platform they provided to make all of this possible. When we were finally back on campus, the advanced instruments and facilities provided by ABE allowed me to engage in various hands-on practical activities, covering areas such as structures, transportation, geotechnical engineering, and water technology. These experiences broadened my perspective on the different specializations within Civil Engineering and the potential career options they offer.

In my opinion, DCE (Diploma in Civil Engineering) has excelled in providing students with practical education and skills that prepare us for the workforce. Apart from building a strong foundation in Civil Engineering, we were also given numerous assignments that required teamwork and the development of problem-solving and communication skills. This means that DCE students are not only prepared for examinations but also equipped with project management and presentation abilities. Coming from a Mandarin and Malay-speaking background, I used to lack confidence in public speaking. However, thanks to SP, I have grown more confident in expressing myself in English. I am grateful to SP for shaping me into a well-rounded individual with both technical and soft skills necessary to thrive as a future engineer.

I deeply appreciate all the guidance and knowledge that have been imparted to me during my academic years at SP. They have given me the confidence to pursue my goals and stay on the right track. Today, I am proud to share my achievements with SP, particularly the School of ABE. I have never regretted choosing Civil Engineering as my field of study, and I am truly proud to be an SP alumnus. Lastly, to my alma mater: this is not a goodbye, but a "see you again in the future!"


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