1st Class Honours in Civil Engineering from NTU in 2009

Zheng Fang graduated from our Diploma in Civil & Structural Engineering (DCSE) course from the School of Architecture & the Built Environment, Singapore Polytechnic in 2004. And he has obtained his 1st Class Honours in Civil Engineering from NTU in 2009. His secondary school is Temasek Secondary School.

Below is what he said:

After my “O’ levels, I was in quite a dilemma when choosing between Junior College and Polytechnic. Fortunately over the years, my choice of a Singapore Poly education proved to me that I had made a pretty good choice after all. Over the 3 years at Singapore Poly, I was given the opportunity to be exposed to activities beyond my studies. These activities ranging from participating in the Singapore River Raft Race to going for Community Outreach in a rural village of Vietnam, had widened my perspective of life. Furthermore, the practical experience and hands-on teaching method practised by SP had also equipped me with the right skills and mentality for future endeavours at at the Nanyang Technological University and my career ahead.

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