Qurratu Ain Binte Aminurrasid

Gained entry into Bachelor of Science in Business in NTU

Awarded Marina Bay Sands Gold Medal 2013

Awarded Jacqueline Ho Memorial Prize 2013

Awarded Orchard Hotel Singapore Prize 2013

Awarded RC Hotel Prize 2013

Class of 2013,DHLFM, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE


I joined SP in 2011 under the Direct Admission Exercise (DAE) after completing my A-levels. I chose SP DHLFM Course because I enjoy meeting new people as it helps widen my horizon and I am able to learn new things along the way. I knew this course would allow me to meet people from different walks of life. Furthermore, Singapore was placing increasing attention to its booming tourism industry. With the arrival of the two IRs, I felt that I would be at a competitive advantage upon graduation from this course.

Among my fondest memories in Singapore Polytechnic was a class project for the Principles of Marketing (POM) module, taught by the late Ms Jacqueline Ho. We were asked to create a product and market it using the 4Ps Marketing Mix. My group came up with the idea of a mini supermarket cum child care centre as our product. Our four weeks of hard work and little spark of ingenuity during the presentation, during which we dressed in rented costumes to match the project’s theme, paid off and earned us an A for the module. Sadly, our victory was short-lived, as we were informed one week later of the sudden passing of our beloved lecturer. Nevertheless, I was very grateful that my group had managed to showcase our best efforts to Ms Jac and made her proud.

A second highlight was when I volunteered for Project R.I.C.E, a project that involved the joint efforts of several Red Cross chapters including the SMU and SP Red Cross. Teams were tasked to help promote the project at supermarkets to collect pre-packed rice from residents and to distribute it to the different beneficiaries. My team of three volunteers promoted the project to the shoppers at a supermarket in McNair Road, encouraging them to donate any amount of rice they could. Though shorthanded, we were still able to raise a generous amount of 254 packets of rice. I felt a sense of accomplishment in being able to do my part in help the community.

One valuable lesson I learnt in Singapore Polytechnic is to always give my best in everything that I do. . I am privileged to be able to learn from remarkable teachers who are always willing to assist students. My lecturers and tutors played an important role in inspiring me to achieve the best I can. Their passion and dedication was what drove me to do well. I will always be grateful for all the help they have provided me over the years. With their guidance, I have been able to realise and develop my potential at SP.

I will now be pursuing a degree in Business at the Nanyang Technological University. I hope to continue to reach out and serve the community to the best of my abilities.

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