Diploma in Landscape Architecture (with Merit)

Institutional Medalist 2014

Tan Kay Yong Gold Medal 2014

National Parks Board Gold Medal (Course Medal) 2014

Awarded Cicada Prize 2014

Awarded Swee Hong Limited Prize 2014

Awarded National Parks Board Book Prize 2013

Top Student Award 2011/2012 & 2012/2013

Class of 2014

DLA, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE.


During my secondary school days, I was never interested in Mathematics and Science subjects. However, I always had a genuine interest towards art and nature and somehow it kept me engaged in school. After learning more about its comprehensive programme and the strong partnership with related industries, my mind was set to get into the Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA). After 5 years in secondary school, I managed to graduate but my grades were not astounding. Compared to my friends, my grades were pretty bad but at least qualified me to be admitted to DLA.

Now looking back, I never once regretted the decision I made. Landscape Architecture (DLA) was definitely the right choice for me as it is known for its vibrant, project-based learning that develops analytical and critical thinking in the students. With personalized consultation with my dedicated tutors in design studios, I was well guided to explore my inner creativity. The countless study trips I participated were amazing. One of them was to Melbourne to immerse in a new environment and to experience the lifestyle and education system in the Melbourne University. No amount of studying in the classroom can compare to the experience gained from being abroad.

My life in SP was not just about studying! One of the overseas community services that I fondly remembered was the Operation Shangri-La OCIP in Kunming, China. My group and I received the warmth of the villagers. We managed to build 3 sanitary facilities all in less than 2 weeks. What made it memorable was doing everything in the freezing cold of the winter, battling the brutal winds. But all was worth seeing the genuine smiles of the people.

I found my best friends in ABE and forged some of the closest friendships with, and met the best and most passionate lecturers in my student life. They affected my life choices and I am forever thankful to them for that.

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