Soh Bao Li, Alicia

Diploma In Landscape Architecture (Merit)

Awarded NParks Undergraduate Scholarship to study Landscape Architecture at University of Western Australia (UWA).

Class of 2010

DLA, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE


Three years ago as a fresh SP student, whenever and whomever I met asked me: “Which course are you taking?” I replied; “Dip in Landscape Architecture”. A sense of aura from their body language gave me the perception then that I’m destined to become a ‘Gardener’ or ‘Orang Kebun’ (in bahasa melayu) after graduation. That was quite disheartening and demoralizing at that point in time because I had worked very hard to do quite well for my GCE ‘O’ exams to make it to SP from Bedok South Secondary School. I asked; “Did I make the right choice?” Today, I proudly say; “Yes … it was the right choice!”

Over the 3 years, I become more and more convinced that this course was not all about gardens, plants and trees. Indeed my classmates and I learned intellectually, how to evolve ideas … create, conceptualize, draw, know & make the right choices of materials, plants, trees, many other natural and man-made elements using hand-drawn sketches, CAD, Photoshop and Micro-soft tools in order to come up with not just good looking landscape designs but designs when implemented, have synergy with people, environment and nature. We integrate and balance human lifestyles with nature in today’s world that is threaten by global warming. This adds value to life and the community!

SP Sustainability Matters