National BIM Shoot-Out 2017

20 Oct 2017

National BIM Shoot-Out is a yearly event organised by Building Construction Authority [BCA] and it is held in conjunction with Singapore Construction Productivity Week [SCPW]. Towards the build-up of the SCPW events held from 24th – 26th Oct at Singapore Expo, there are many competitions held for the industry and academic arena, and the National BIM Shoot-Out 2017 was just one of the many competitions held by BCA.

The National BIM Shoot-Out 2017 competition was held for participants from the Institute of Higher Learning. The competition was held on 28th Sept 2017. Contestants who participated were mainly from Building Construction Authority Academy [BCAA], Singapore Polytechnic [SP], Ngee Ann Polytechnic [NP], Temasek Polytechnic [TP] and Institute of Technical Education College [ITE] and students from these IHL were from different disciplines, ranging from Architectural, Structural and MEP background. There were a total of 113 students who had participated in this competition. This year, BCA co-organised the Shoot-Out with SP for the first time and the competition was held in SP as a venue.

The aim of the competition was to test the BIM Modelling Proficiency Skills and knowledge to identify inter-disciplinary differences and aspects. The focus was to test the participants on their BIM Modelling Skills, where the completed model was assessed on accurate modelling data pertaining to the Architectural, Structural and MEP components. With the completed model, participants would need to overlay the inter-disciplinary models. These exercises were completed within a time span of two hours. It was a very intense session and participants were deeply appreciative that the Shoot-Out tested their BIM competencies under time constraint. They certainly benefited greatly from the competition who hope to participate in the next Shoot-Out again in 2018.



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