ABE Learning Journey - Technical Talk

23 Jun 2023

ABE Learning Journey - Technical Talk on Harnessing Innovative Technologies in the Built Environment, 25th May 2023.

ABE learning Journey DCE pic1a
A group photo of organising committee and invited speaker

From left: Mr Tan Kee Aan, Er. David Ng, Er. Dr. Ong Chee Wee, Ms. Oh, Ms Oh Chu Xian, Madam Liang Mui Keow, Mr Chen Yoon Han, Madam Chan Choi Ung and Er. Loo Ching Nong.

The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) organised The Charles Rudd Distinguished Public Lectures 2023 in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic on May 25, 2023. The objective of the event was to encourage engineers, businesses, students, and the public to take significant steps toward a sustainable future for Singapore. This initiative aligns with the IES Green Plan 2030, which is an engineering-focused action plan supporting the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

The event was organised to commemorate World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, highlighting the importance of sustainable development in the field of engineering.

Concurrently with the lectures, a series of learning journeys took place in the afternoon. The School of Architecture and the Built Environment at Singapore Polytechnic is proud to be the organiser of a Technical Talk, themed around Sustainability and its impact on our future lives.

The event featured three distinguished speakers: Ms. Oh Chu Xian, Founder of Magorium; Mr. Tan Kee Aan, Founder of TSM C&S Consultants Pte Ltd; and Er. Dr. Ong Chee Wee, Managing Director of ONE SMART Engineering Pte Ltd. They shared their knowledge on harnessing innovative technologies in the built environment. The topics discussed included the use and application of innovative technologies in large-scale projects, such as the NEWBitumen material, smart inspection for buildings and infrastructures, and green solutions for ABC Waters Project.

ABE learning Journey DCE pic2a
Ms Oh Chu Xian shared her topic on NEWBitumen, a novel material to pave green roads - Journey to convert contaminated plastic wastes to NEWBitumen.

ABE learning Journey DCE pic3a
Mr Tan Kee Aan presented his topic on smart Inspection for buildings and infrastructures

ABE learning Journey DCE pic4aEr Dr Ong Chee Wee delivered his topic on Green Solution for ABC Waters Project- Design and Implementation in Construction Sites with Case Studies

ABE learning Journey DCE pic5a
Dr Faris, Senior Cluster Director, presented Tokens of Appreciaiton to the speakers

ABE learning Journey DCE pic6a
The students’ members of IES – SP Student Chapter attended the technical talk


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