Be My Superhero!

05 Jun 2023

Be My Superhero! was a hybrid scavenger hunt event that requires participants to hunt for QR codes on Easels (stations) around the Singapore Polytechnic campus which leads them to Google Forms quizzes. Upon successful completion of a station, clues to the location for the next station were given and participants who completed all 6 stations in chronological order were able to win attractive prizes.

Be My Superhero! was held in collaboration with the Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP) to help raise awareness about their organisation, in hopes of increasing the number of pledges to be bone marrow donors.

Through the IP project, we researched and familiarised ourselves with BMDP and the bone marrow programme, conceptualised and executed the event, created content for and managed the social media sites, and managed the logistics of the event. We learnt so much during the various stages of the event organisation and execution especially through the various challenges of running it through the pandemic.

Be My Superhero 2021_pic1

Be My Superhero 2021_pic2

Be My Superhero 2021_pic3

Be My Superhero 2021_pic4

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