BLA, Chulalongkorn University visits DLA, Singapore Polytechnic

26 Jul 2018

During the vacation period on 5 Jun 2018, 42 BLA (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture) undergraduates from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and their Associate Professors, Dr Angsana and Ms Sirintra, paid a visit to DLA (Diploma in Landscape Architecture) studios in Singapore Polytechnic. During this visit, a lecture about Singapore’s Green Network was presented by DLA teaching staff. The BLA students also interacted with the DLA students and looked at the latter’s works during the gallery walks conducted in the three DLA studios. 

pic1_345b258 pic3_345b258
BLA students from Chulalongkorn University from Bangkok, Thailand in a group photo with DLA Lecturers. A talk about DLA Second Year Program by Sonny
pic2_345b205 pic4_345b205
Guest lecture about Singapore’s Green Network and talk about DLA First Year program by Emily A talk about Third Year program and tour of facilities led by Course Chair, Mr Idris Bidin
pic25_345b377 pic6a_345b377
BLA students viewing DLA students’ plant journals, AutoCad drawings, presentation boards and 3D models during the gallery walk A token of appreciation for Chulalongkorn University received by Ms Sirintra, BLA Associate Professor
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