DEPM IP Fest 2021

15 Feb 2021

107 DEPM year 2 students showcased a total of 24 Integrated Projects (IP) at Event Space @W512 on 27 Jan 2021. Since April 2020, these student teams worked on real-life projects with industry partners; some of them planned and run hybrid or virtual events while others carried out investigative research or conceptualized events for adoption.

The one-day hybrid event started with DEPM first year students visiting physical booths showcasing their seniors’ IPs and participating in IP-related activities. In the afternoon, 24 IP teams’ on-stage presentation was live-streamed to industry partners, SP staff, DEPM alumni and DEPM students.

This hybrid event was planned and managed by DEPM1B04 class in fulfilment of the Event Experience module; they were supervised by Mr Chin Jenn Keng. 

ip fest

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