DLA students created TUG Wall for Somerset Belt

31 Mar 2022

Community Sensing Project for Somerset Belt 2021 is a collaborative learning project between School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE), Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA) and the Somerset Belt, a platform by the National Youth Council (NYC) and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY).

A team of five DLA Year 3 students (SOMP Team 1) planned and curated a showcase of their ideas for Somerset Belt via a webpage in Dec 2021. It enables the public to vote for their favorite design and allow students to gather feedback for design iteration.

TUB Wall for Somerset Belt_pic1

SOMP Team 1 created webpage for public voting: https://somp2021dla.wixsite.com/home

SOMP Team1
SOMP Team 1 (From left) Peiqiang, Yukun, Qian Yu, Velika, Sherly and Sok Na.

As a result, five students (SOMP Team 2) were selected to participate in the final phase of the project which saw the creation of a feature landscape element called the TUG Wall. The TUG Wall represents youths who dare to PUSH boundaries and PULL away from restrictions, presenting an opportunity for the user to interact with the installation and personalize it. Being modular, TUG Wall can be configured into different forms and applications; lined up for a linear art walk or combining a few TUG Walls to create an outdoor 'room'. The prototype will be on display in Youth Park (along Somerset Road) from March to May 2022.

TUB Wall for Somerset Belt_pic2

SOMP Team 2 with their design, TUG Wall at Youth Park.

SOMP Team2
SOMP Team 2 (from left) Adrian, Dorin, Neesha, Zi Xuan, Yuting and Sok Na.

During the project, students had the opportunity to learn important skills like communications and multi-tasking. They exemplified good teamwork by taking into consideration every member’s ideas and to brain-storm in resolving design issues in order for their design to materialize. DLA aims to create a holistic learning experience for the students to be life-ready, work-ready, and world-ready.

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