DLA students generate design ideas for Buona Vista area

06 Jul 2022

For 2022, Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) collaborated again with Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA) to contribute towards the learning journey of bubbling future designers. DLA Year 3 students had the chance to learn about urban planning knowledge from URA staff. They also presented their Urban Design-Landscape Proposals for their Final Year Project at Buona Vista area to the URA team at The URA Centre.

The DLA students worked on five unique proposals to share their ideas for a public domain and landscape design framework, connecting new and existing developments and community spaces within the project site with public walking and cycling network. During the critique sessions held at the URA Centre, the URA planners shared their vast knowledge with the students to enhance their knowledge and provide constructive feedback for their learning.

DLA URA Collaboration 2022 pic1
DLA students at The URA Centre, presenting their proposal to URA team.

DLA URA Collaboration 2022 pic2
DLA students visited the City Gallery at The URA Centre.

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