Singapore Gifts Show 2017

12 Jun 2018

Singapore Gifts Show (SGS) is an annual event that includes a three-day exhibition and industry seminar. The event organised by TTG Asia Media provides a platform for local and international trade buyers as well as corporate visitors to view an extensive range of top gifts, premiums, lifestyle products and services. Held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre (Halls 401-402) from 12th to 14th July 2017, SGS brought together over 8,000 local and international trade buyers, corporate visitors and close to 100 exhibitors.

Highlights of SGS included the Marketing Insights Forum where renowned speakers such as Will Lee, Director of TheMarketingGuy were invited to talk about the opportunities and challenges of the industry and share new marketing technologies.

During the Pre-Event stage, the student team was involved in administrative tasks like telemarketing and buyers acquisition. In addition, the team was on-site, to pack the event goodie bags and set up the Organiser’s Office. Throughout the event, the students were assigned to various roles such as Public Address Announcer and Registration for both the attendees and the ongoing Marketing Forum. The students had the opportunity to network with various industry partners and exhibitors. Post-Event tasks include collating the feedback received during SGS.

 Group photo
 Yuko and Dione collecting feedback from various exhibitors
 Diana and Nicole discussing how to promote the use of the Buyers Acquisition Schedule to attendees
 Si Jing announcing the start of the Marketing Insights Forum through the PA System