URA-DLA Collaboration for Final Year Project 2022

09 Dec 2022

A continuum from URA and DLA collaboration in Apr 2022, which involved all final year students from Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA) sharing their Urban Design study and Design Visions for Final Year Project (FYP).

Four DLA students (Ethan Foo, Kang Hui Wen, Calyn Chia and Victor Chin) had the opportunity to return to URA in Nov 2022 to present their design development ideas to a URA team in URA Centre.

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Ethan introduced his feature landscape element’s functionality as he aims to show how its design contributes to sustainability plans.

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Hui Wen showcased her considerations for ecology and habitat creation as she highlighted how current site issues can be opportunities for a learning garden that can raise awareness about the environment. 

Key takeaways from students:

“I think FYP helped me in visioning how my work process would be when I enter the industry. It has taught more about how I can try to improve my designs and widen my view of my work from the perspective of lecturers and peers. Being an audience at the URA presentations, watching my peers presenting makes me proud of us moving forward in the DLA course. I learnt how bacteria in the water could affect how submerged plants thrive in their environment as presented by one of my classmates. It has also allowed me to be more active in critical thinking while viewing their projects and how they could improve.”

“It was truly a new experience and it was very beneficial for me to gain constructive feedback from everyone to broaden my knowledge and gain new perspectives of my work from professionals from the industry that can make me a better designer in the future.”

“I am really thankful to have embarked on this FYP journey as it has not only allowed me to apply what I have learnt from previous years in DLA and internship, but it has also taught me the importance of public space design; how it can affect people’s experiences and the way they access these spaces. With the support from my peers and lecturers, I was able to create a project which revitalized part of Buona Vista. Presenting to URA allowed me to gain valuable feedback which was an eye-opening experience. Overall, I feel that my FYP journey has better prepared me when I enter the landscape architecture industry.”

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Calyn discussed her design ideas on how she aspires to create active spaces that promote sustainable lifestyles while encouraging bonding among communities.

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Victor enthused the audience with his design ideas on ‘River Park’ where he included water cleansing strategies and ‘The Changing Gardens’ consisting of floating wetlands modules.

This marks a milestone in their Buona Vista FYP. The students benefited tremendously during this session as productive feedback and encouragement was given to inspire them further.

DLA expresses sincere gratitude to URA for the effort and time on students’ work and creating meaningful learning journeys for them.

From 7 to 10 March 2023, all graduating DLA students will be displaying their final year project in The URA Centre atrium space; an exhibition open to public.

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DLA Year 3 students, DLA Year 3 lecturers and the URA team (photo: courtesy of Joel Chew, URA)

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