Applied Chemistry alumnus accepted into NTU’s unique programme

21 Jun 2022

Francis Derick Urriquia Milo (Class of 2022) is awarded the ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship to pursue the undergraduate programme in Biological Sciences with a Second Major in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology at NTU. 

When deciding to undertake his undergraduate study of choice, he looked to his journey in SP to guide him towards making the final decision. 

"My time in Diploma in Applied Chemistry (DAPC) turned me into an inquisitive and resilient learner. I was exposed to a broad spectrum of modules which gave me a glimpse into the ever-reverberating science that was chemistry. Of course, challenges came my way but I was able to navigate them and seek the answers to my library of questions with help of my patient lecturers as I constantly prodded them for three years. Funnily enough, fresh out of secondary school, I had second thoughts about pursuing a diploma in chemistry as I asked myself, “What use would that be?”. However, I still decided to pursue the course and it was in DAPC where I discovered my interest in the role of chemistry in medicine and its pharmacological effects. That was when I realised that the path I had taken was the right one for me. The experiences and knowledge gained will most definitely stay with me as I continue my journey in university and beyond. I hope to be a researcher in the field of medicinal chemistry in hopes of eventually being the one to answer questions from the curious minds in the industry."

DAPC-Francis Derick Urriquia Milo
Francis Derick Urriquia Milo was attached to A*Star for his 22-week internship


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