Applied Chemistry alumnus was awarded the SPMS Advancement Fund Scholarship

07 Oct 2022

Congratulations to our Diploma in Applied Chemistry alumnus (Class of 2022), Kabir Raj M Kimura Singh, who was recently awarded the SPMS Advancement Fund Scholarship by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore!

"I really enjoyed chemistry in secondary school but struggled with physics. Like many other 16 year-olds after our national exams, I was unsure of what to continue studying. I knew JC was not something I would enjoy based on word-of-mouth and after seeing some of the curriculum. Hence, I decided to pursue the only chemistry-focused course in Singapore at that time, since I have a passion for chemistry and excelled in it."

Kabir is currently serving National Service and will begin his undergraduate studies in 2024 at NTU's Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry with a Second Major in Environmental Science.

Kabir Raj M Kimura Singh (left) at SP Graduation 2022

The article was published on SP Instagram.

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