Applied Chemistry Student Chapter organised Willing Hearts Food Donation Drive

20 Aug 2021

Towards the end of July and beginning of August 2021, the Diploma in Applied Chemistry (DAPC) Student Chapter organised a Food Donation Drive in collaboration with Willing Hearts, an organisation which provides free meals to various beneficiaries including the elderly, the disabled, low income families, children from single parent families or otherwise poverty stricken families and migrant workers in Singapore. The committee was very heartened and grateful for the overwhelming response from our 180 CLS staff and students, who donated a total of 261 food items.

Even with tightening of measures during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), the students demonstrated resilience and agility in coming up with creative solutions to overcome the challenges encountered. Most importantly, CLS had come together as one family to demonstrate our empathy and care for the society, giving great meaning to this fulfilling and rewarding journey.

DAPC_Willing Hearts_1
Student busy packing and accounting for the donated items
DAPC_Willing Hearts_2
Students transported donated items to loading bay
DAPC_Willing Hearts_3
Students loaded donated items onto the Willing Hearts’ lorry
DAPC_Willing Hearts_4
Handing over of donated items to Willing Hearts completed

“I wanted to contribute to the community and help out the less privileged. In fact, my family and I had done community work from time to time!”

Charmaine Ong
Current Year 2 student

“This event gives me an opportunity to do something for the community amidst the current pandemic!”

Lim Yi Tong
Current Year 2 student

“I felt blessed to be able to contribute back to the society through a small act of kindness and learnt to be more appreciative of the things I am blessed with!”

Enrica Ng Wan Ning
Current Year 2 student

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