Catching up with Food Science & Technology alumna Chee Pei Yi

10 Dec 2018

Pei Yi has always been interested in food - her interest in cooking and baking started when she was in primary school! When she was in Sec 2, she chose to pursue Food and Nutrition as an O level subject as she wanted to understand how the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food contributes to growth.

After O levels, it came as no surprise that Pei Yi chose to pursue SP's Diploma in Food Science & Technology (DFST). "DFST exposed me to food innovation concepts, such as how to improve packaging and extend shelf-life of processed food," Pei Yi muses.

Her 20-week internship at Ingredion saw her assisting technologists in the emulsion and encapsulation department. While she was there, she had the opportunity to evaluate starch in creamer and witness the process of protein denaturing in beverages such as coffee. She enjoyed working on projects for clients - an opportunity she did not have in school where students could only embark on lab trials.

When presented with the offer after her internship, Pei Yi leapt at the chance to take up the Advanced Diploma in Food Science, an 18-month Earn and Learn Programme (ELP). ELP is a work-study programme that gives fresh full-time graduates from ITE or polytechnic a head-start in their careers. For Pei Yi, she works at Ingredion four days a week and learns new concepts in SP once a week such as how to generate less waste and more yield. Pei Yi chose to embark on the ELP because she felt it was a viable opportunity to work and upgrade her skills in SP at the same time.

Ingredion has also been supportive of Pei Yi's decision to move to the bakery department of the company. Today, she has the opportunity to check on the viscosity, pH value and specific gravity of cake batter. The switch in department has widened her exposure and knowledge in the food sector.

Under the ELP, Pei Yi will graduate with three additional certificates - the Certificate in Food Product Innovation, Certificate in Food Processing and Certificate in Food Safety and Quality Management - that will help her progress to greater heights in her career. She hopes to one day be a researcher in the food innovation R&D sector.

Food Science & Technology alumna - Chee Pei Yi (Class of 2018)
Photo credit: SkillsFuture Singapore

This article first appears in SPIRIT Volume 02 2018.

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