CLS educator lit the fire for innovation and drive in this entrepreneur's path

08 Sep 2023

“My art of perfumery lecturer, Jessie Tong, profoundly influenced my entrepreneurial journey while I was studying Perfumery & Cosmetic Science at Singapore Polytechnic. Her dynamic teaching merged art and science, igniting my passion. Immersive lessons included identifying scents of raw materials and grouping them into olfactory families, even transforming exams into engaging olfactory challenges. Her emphasis on safe materials and IFRA standards stayed with me as I founded Scent Journer, prioritising safe formulations for daily consumer use. Jessie’s impactful guidance shaped my business, where safety and artistry harmonise, reflecting the ethos of my perfumery venture.”

Joyce Lian (Class of 2016)
Founder and Creative Director
Scent Journer Pte Ltd

The news was first published on Honeykids.

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