Diploma in Perfumery & Cosmetic Science (DPCS - S38)


This is the course for you if you have the passion to formulate products that can provide age-defying looks or uncover the secrets of fragrance creation.

We invite you to begin your journey with the Diploma in Perfumery & Cosmetic Science (DPCS) at SP.

It is the only local diploma programme that provides training in chemistry with applications in perfumery and cosmetic science. You will have integrated learning experience where you will build a strong chemistry foundation and apply your knowledge in specific applications using your senses.

With this unique training in SP, your skills will be highly sought after not just locally but internationally in the lucrative and stable fragrance and cosmetic industries.

Course Highlights

  • Get trained in our state-of-the-art Consumer Chemicals Technology Centre (CCTC) and Perfumery & Cosmetic Science Centre (PCSC)
  • Collaborate with industry partners for real and exciting experiences in making perfumes and cosmetic products, producing fragrance raw materials through organic synthesis and extraction of essential oils
  • Internship with perfumers, chemists, product formulators in specialty chemical companies, flavour and fragrance houses or fast moving consumer goods companies
  • Course is recognised by the UK Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)


Perfumery & Cosmetic Science Centre

The centre embodies the 3C’s pedagogy of the course, namely Conceptualisation, Crystallisation and Communication which represent the themes for the three respective distinct laboratories. The state-of-the-art facility empowers creativity and collaboration among students in developing product innovation and marketing strategy.

Perfumery and Cosmetic Science Centre


Click on the image below to download the School Brochure:

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