Five CLS alumni awarded Singapore-Industry Scholarships

18 Aug 2022

132 individuals received the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) at the 2022 SgIS Award Ceremony on 18 August 2022. Among them were two alumni from the Diploma in Applied Chemistry (DAPC) and three from the Diploma in Chemical Engineering (DCHE):

1. Jason Chan Wei Hao (DAPC, Class of 2019) sponsored by Novartis
DAPC_Jason Chan Wei Hao_Novartis

2. Odelia Goh (DAPC, Class of 2019) sponsored by REC Solar
DAPC_Odelia Goh_REC Solar

3. Lau Xian Hui Rudolph (DCHE, Class of 2020) sponsored by Novartis
DCHE_Lau Xian Hui Rudolph_Novartis

4. Shi Jiapeng (DCHE, Class of 2021) sponsored by Micron
DCHE_Shi Jiapeng_Micron

5. Syed Hafiy Suhaimi Bin Syed Jaffar Aljunied (DCHE, Class of 2018) sponsored by REC Solar
DCHE_Syed Hafiy Suhaimi Bin Syed Jaffar Aljunied_REC Solar

Congratulations to our outstanding CLS alumni!

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