Food Science and Technology students won “The Hungry Games” Competition 2021

18 Aug 2021

The "Always Hungry" team of five Diploma in Food Science and Technology Year 3 students took part in “The Hungry Games” Competition which was held from 26 to 31 July 2021. It was an inaugural food manufacturing student case competition, organised by StartupX and Enterprise Singapore, and supported by Workforce Singapore.

The "Always Hungry" team members (from top-left, anti-clockwise) Jaedyn Wong, Lee Hui Xin, Sharlene Sim, Siao Rowanne and Lim Zhi Xin

There were six companies who sponsored six case topics for the competition and our students won the case for Hai Sia Seafood. They had developed a novel concept of reutilising fish gut and gills to create a value-added fermented fish sauce product.

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