SP Model Student who ‘nose’ her way around cosmetics

20 Mar 2018

Jing Ying is a girl who ‘nose’ her way around cosmetics.

When Jing Ying was younger, studies wasn’t her top priority. During her N level year, Jing Ying’s family ran into some financial difficulties. Not wanting to add on to their worries, she pulled her socks up and studied hard. Her hard work paid off and she scored 7 points at the N levels. With her stellar N level results, she applied for SP’s Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science (DPCS) via the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP).

The prospect of empowering women through cosmetics appealed to Jing Ying and she thoroughly enjoyed her course. The Model Student Award recipient shares the modules she found interesting, such as Formulation Science in Cosmetics, where she learnt how to formulate skincare and makeup products, and Art of Perfumery, where she learnt how to describe scents and fragrances with words.

Jing Ying also did a 10-month internship at fragrance house Symrise, where she was part of the applied research department. Her time there gave her the chance to conduct research on fragrance encapsulation technology and a peek into the industry that she hopes to join in the future!

DPCS_Lim Jing Ying

The article was first published on SP Facebook.