Success at first attempt for CLS students at WorldSkills Singapore 2023

09 Oct 2023

Calista Abella Ang, a third-year Diploma in Applied Chemistry (Pharmaceutical Science Specialisation) student was a gold medallist at WorldSkills Singapore in the Chemical Laboratory Technology skill area. Course mate, Leticia Wu YinXiu, was awarded the Medallion for Excellence.

Abella with medal
Calista Abella Ang

Leticia with Medal
Leticia Wu YinXiu

The students’ outstanding performance can be credited to the exceptional guidance they received from CLS and their coach and expert, Mr. Tan Tiong Wei and Dr. Tan Yen Ling. After undergoing a rigorous and structured training for one and a half years, Abella and Leticia demonstrated excellent working knowledge in chemical analysis, organic synthesis and concentration calculations at the competition. They also demonstrated proficient hands-on skills in various analytical techniques and chromatographic purification processes such as thin-layer chromatography (TLC) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Abella will be representing Singapore for the 47th WorldSkills Competition scheduled to take place in Lyon, France in 2024.

"You don’t win by comparing with others, you win by being a better version of yourself."

Calista Abella Ang

"I find that technical growth comes when you step out of the comfort zone, but personal growth comes from the support from those around you. In more ways than one, I am blessed."

Leticia Wu YinXiu

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