MAE Students Redesign The Hair Dryer

09 Apr 2015

DME students Chek Chong, Joel, and Swasthi became interested in 3D printing and rapid-prototyping in the course of their studies and were able to tap onto their enthusiasm for those technologies in their Final Year Project under the Product Realisation Technology Group.

Questioning the usability and portability of current consumer hair dryers, the trio embarked on a self-driven mission to redesign what they think could be the next-generation of ultra-portable hair dryers: a streamlined ?6cmx18.5cm large (when folded) form-factor inclusive of two inbuilt attachments (concentrator and comb) that would usually come as separate pieces for regular hair dryers.

For their efforts, they were able to reach the regional semi-finalists stage in the 2015 Stratasys Extreme Redesign Challenge, representing Singapore Polytechnic.

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