MAE students win gold at ART SIC 2017

14 May 2017

(From left: Ramadass, Dr Win, Justin, and Vincent)

For people affected with pathological hand tremor, the ability to perform simple everyday tasks such as writing, drawing, and eating can be severely impaired. To assist those with this condition to perform simple tasks such as feeding oneself with a spoon and writing with a pen, an active hand-held tremor compensation device has been developed by a final year student project team consisting of Diploma in Bioengineering students Justin Leong Zhi Xian and Shea Kong Kin. Lead by their supervisor Dr Win Tun Latt, with assistance from Research Engineers Ramadass Muruganandam and Vincent Chan Siang Huat, the team's tremor compensation device has been benchmarked to be several times better in precision than currently-available commercial solutions. This increased precision promises other potential applications that will be investigated by the team in the future.

Kudos for clinching the Gold and Best Presentation prizes in the recent 5th Assistive & Rehabilitation Technologies Student Innovation Challenge (ART SIC) 2017 award ceremony and exhibition!

(Shea is the second person from the right)



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