S’pore Polytechnic students’ inventions patented by Boeing

06 Jan 2016

06 Jan 2016
Today, 6 Jan 2016 - Article mentioned that six SP students from a range of engineering, business and design diplomas have been recognised as co-inventors of three inventions patented by Boeing. The three ideas, which were picked by Boeing from 10 other shortlisted patents, are: A new larder system with interlocking larder cases; removable sink covers; and integrated locks with visual indicators. The six students received their Boeing Patent Awards at the opening of SP’s new aerospace training facility, known as the Aerohub. SP’s Diploma in Mechanical Engineering graduate, Hisham Bary, who worked on the larder systems patent, opined that the existing larder cases - used to store miscellaneous objects such as food for catering - can weigh as much as 20kg when filled, making them difficult to operate. SP graduate Elston Cheah, opined that working with Boeing was very eye opening because there were a lot of resources that the students could access, such as the Boeing agents who came down to work with them. The executive director for SP Live Well Collaborative Singapore, Mr Goh Siak Koon, who coordinated the programme, opined that he was impressed by the students’ ideas and how Boeing found them useful for their aircraft.

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