Consultancy & Student Projects

Collaborate with SP staff and students to diagnose business gaps and develop business solutions in the following areas:


Assist companies to venture overseas (ASEAN & China) through market feasibility assessments and consumer insights studies through SP’s strong partnership with regional universities.

Human Resource Management

Partner with companies to drive Human Resource industry transformation.


Backed by consumer insights gathered from quantitative or qualitative research, marketing plan integrating both digital marketing and traditional marketing is developed to help companies effectively attract target consumers.

Service Excellence

Using Design Thinking methodology, customers/ users’ journey and unmet needs are mapped out for service process redesign and improvement to improve customer/ user experience.

Business Processes & Productivity

Assist companies to review supply chain/ business processes, identify areas for improvement, and develop solutions (e.g. process redesign, Robotic Process Automation) for greater productivity.

Accounting & Finance

Assist companies to review accounting, internal control and taxation practices, and develop recommendations or automation of procedures/ management reports.

Business Analytics

Help companies to integrate various sources of data through enterprise dashboards to achieve 360 BI view, gain business insights and for KPI monitoring.


Assist companies to tap the use of innovative technology to develop user-centric financial technology solutions to enable and enhance financial services.

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Professional Training

Applied Data Analytics in Business

Category: Productivity & Technology in Business, Human Resource, Supply Chain
With so much fast moving and voluminous data in the market, there is increasing importance placed on the ability to make sense of business data. This is true for companies both big and small. This course will give an appreciation of the importance of data in the current business landscape as well as how we can make use of data to bring our business forward. Hands-on experience using Microsoft Excel will give a taste of how to deal with data.


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Robotic Process Automation

Category: Productivity & Technology This course gives an appreciation of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and how the technology allows businesses to automate repetitive and manual information processes to bring increase productivity and get employees to move up the work value chain. Engage in hands-on RPA tool that replicates the actions of a human interacting with the user interface of a computer system.


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Business Innovation through LEAN and Design Thinking

Category: Productivity & Technology in Business, Human Resource, Supply Chain
Gain a better appreciation for the Process Innovation. Engage in a few hands-on activities that employ the sensibilities of Design Thinking and LEAN principles to approach and foster innovation in an organisation. It focuses on customers’ experience and design innovative and practical processes to meet objectives.

Introduction to Service Innovation

Category: Innovation
This Programme provides an introduction of how Design Thinking methodology is used to capture the needs of the customers to improve service. It explains the importance of customer value, focuses on customers’ journey and explore improving specific areas to innovate service design to delight customers.


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Essentials of Digital Marketing

Category: Innovation
The course will uncover various tools within the digital marketing spectrum that aids businesses in managing their web presence, search ranking, social media, mobile and performance metrics. This will give participants a broader understanding of digital marketing and an appreciation of how proper implementation can lead to probable streamlining of business processes.


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Business Model Innovation (So you want to be an Entrepreneur?)

Category: Innovation
Obtain a holistic view of your business and identifying the key segments that contributed towards the competitive advantage of your venture. Using Design Thinking and Entrepreneur Thought & Actions (ET&A) to design value propositions that really matters to your target customer segments. Build and exchange contacts and ideas on venture creation with other passionate and like-minded participants

Introduction to Positive Psychology Coaching At the Workplace

Category: Human Capital
Coaching Psychology is a psychology-based process for enhancing well-being and performance in personal, professional and other life domains. This is becoming an increasingly popular way to unlock potential and maximize performance. Individuals and organisations, private business and non-profit institutions are just a few of those seeking the benefits of coaching’s uniquely client-driven model of positive growth. Coaching is often used as a tool for attaining goals, honing skills, increasing satisfaction, enhancing relationships, boosting creativity, improving problem-solving and reaching other highly-desired ends central to well-being.


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HR Mindsets and Behaviours (IHRP Accredited)

Category: Human Capital
This workshop is an IHRP accredited course that allows participants to understand the Mindsets and Behaviours covered in the IHRP Certification. The facilitated case study discussions and interactive peer dialogue will help participants further hone their capabilities in applying the Mindsets and Behaviours to address situational judgement scenarios faced in the HR role.


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Labour Policies and Legislation (IHRP Accredited)

Category: Human Capital
This workshop focuses on enhancing the participant’s knowledge and application on laws relating to employment in Singapore. This is an IHRP accredited course that aligns to the Labour Policies and Legislation competency covered in the IHRP Certification.


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Driving HR innovation Through Design Thinking, HR Analytics and HR Technology (DHRI)

Category: Human Capital
Highlight the opportunities on how HR practitioners can use the data from HR Analytics to identify opportunities for HR Innovation. Use Design Thinking methodologies redesign an enhanced HR user experience. Advocate the use of HR Technologies.


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In the final year of study, all students will participate in a compulsory 22-week Internship Programme. The primary objective of internship is to expose students to meaningful and relevant workplace attachment to better connect their learning to the workplace and deepen their skills, so that they are better prepared for their transition to the workforce after graduation.

Through internship, we aim to create good value exchange with our industry partners and seek to enable our students to gain real world insights and authentic work life exposures, while problem solving when given the opportunity to co-create solutions that could benefit the companies. We seek to forge partnership with companies who are passionate about developing and training young talents for the future.


March to August


September to February


22 Weeks

Diploma in

Diploma in Banking and Finance

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Human Resource Management and Psychology

Diploma in Finance Informatics

Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management

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