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School of Architecture & Built Environment

SPES 2023_Blue Roof

Blue Roof in Stormwater Management

Blue roofs are used to detain rooftop runoff at source and reduce the rate of runoff from rooftops during rainfall events.....

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SPES2023_Use of Waste Water

Use of Waste Glass as a Substitute for Fine Aggregate in Concrete

This project aims to investigate the feasibility of using beer bottle glass waste to replace sand as a natural fine aggregate in concrete mix at different replacement proportions....

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SPES2023_Survey in Water Conservation

Survey for Heritage Conservation

Historic buildings add cultural values and aesthetics to Singapore and also benefit our local economy....

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SPES2023_Sustainability Study

Sustainable Study of Buildings at GrundFOS

Students studied how to improve the sustainability of an existing building at Grundfos and proposed design concepts that are feasible....

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Experimental study of RC Beams Members of the project team_edited

Experimental Study of RC Beams made with Plastic Powders

In this study, RC beams made with partial replacement of natural sands by plastic powders are cast and tested for exploration of their flexural capacities such bending moment, shear force and deflection.....

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SPES2023_Trained AI model highlighting different PPE

Use of AI for Object Detection of Safety Measures at Construction Sites

AI will be applied to images/video feeds to identify safety lapses at construction sites...

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SPES2023_Feasible study on low temperature

Feasibility Study on Low Temperature SBS-modified Bitumen Roofing Membranes

This project aims to study the durability and low temperature performance of SBS-modified bituminous roofing membranes by adding a low percentage of recycled plastics/epoxy materials....

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SPES2023_Development of twin facilities

Development of Digital Twin for Facility

The Digital Twin uses sensors to gather information of the Physical Twin in the real world and uses it to create a digital replica of the object....

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SPES2023_Digitization of Faciities

Digitization of Facilities Management Processes

This project uses Google applications to track a building owner’s asset, inventory and utilities consumption using an online app called “INVENT”...

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