CoC Class 3 Deck Preparatory Course

CoC Class 3 Deck Preparatory Course
This course is designed for local and international deck personnel who aspire to become Junior Deck Officers. 
After successful completion of this course, candidates will be exempted from the CoC Class 3 written examination of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). Candidates need to pass the oral examinations conducted by the MPA for the award of CoC Class 3 Deck Officer. The course meets the requirements of STCW, as amended and is highly recognized by the international shipping industry. 
SUITABLE FORDeck cadets and Ratings from the Deck department


Candidates must complete the required sea-service and hold the Basic Safety Training Certificate.

Eligibility criteria for sea service
1. Approved seagoing service of not less than:

   a) 36 months for direct entry candidates;
   b) 12 months for candidates who have satisfactorily completed the Diploma in Nautical Studies
        conducted by the Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA);

2. Performed, within the required seagoing service, bridge watch keeping duties under the supervision of the Master or a qualified officer for not less than 6 out of the final 12 months. 

Candidates with seagoing service of less than 36 months shall have satisfactorily completed an approved Distance Learning Programme (DLP) .
DLP consists of completing Correspondence course and Cadet Record Book (TARB).

Click Here To Download The PDF Form And Related Information To Enroll For DLP and TARB

3. The qualifying seagoing service must be performed in the deck department and is reckoned from the date of engagement to the date of discharge. At least 6 months of the qualifying service must have been performed within the 5 years preceding the application. 

Candidates for Direct entry COC3 Deck programme should comply with the following: 

1. Ships to be engaged in International voyages

2. Gross tonnage of ship to be more than 3000

3. Total sea time to be at least 36 months in Deck department (CADET, O/S or A/B)
(Sea time as trainee in any rank is not admissible)

4. Bridge watch keeping on these ships under the supervision of certified officers to be at least 6 months
(within the last 12 months) 

5. Sailed onboard Singapore flagged ship or employed by company registered in Singapore

6. Basic educational background 

Class 12 school (or) 2nd year of university (or) A-level - at least 60% in Science (Physics, Chemistry), Maths and English

Candidate with less score are required to do 'Distance Learning Program' and complete 'TARB' (Cadet Record Book)

Admission process is divided into 4 parts. 

a- Preliminary assessment by SMA 

b- Letter of acceptance issued by SMA ( Subject to fulfilment of criteria's listed in preliminary assessment form). 

c- Candidate to apply for LOE at MPA , and submit LOA from SMA to MPA 

d- On obtaining LOE from MPA , submit LOE to SMA, SMA will guide for Admission formalities. 

Please fill up the attached Preliminary assessment form(01.07.2010) without changing any column and send it to us by email as an attached file. 

To assess your eligibility to attend this program, each candidate must obtain 'Letter of Assessment' from SMA. 

Click here to apply for Letter of Assessment (Letter of Assessment.pdf) 

Please fill up and forward this application (for Letter of Assessment) to Capt Sahwan Osman/Capt Sameul Jebakumar at the following email:


Two intake in a year - April and October

Please check with Ms Lalitha Ho at Email: before sending any admission form.

COURSE CONTENTS/MODULESThe course covers the following topics as per IMO/STCW regulation.

Practical Navigation
Coastal Navigation
General Ship Knowledge
Ship Operations
Applied Science
DURATION18 weeks Excluding Term Break* 
*The duration of the course includes the written examination period. 
The course excludes all the following STCW Short Courses: 
Medical First Aid on Board Ship, 
Electronic Navigation Systems, 
Basic Tanker Training, 
Advanced Fire-fighting, 
Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat, and 
Basic Occupational Safety and Security Training Certificate (or any of its components). 
These courses are available, if required. 
Terms and Conditions apply. 


Administrative Fee: $50 plus 7% GST for Registration
Tuition fee:
S$10,150 (includes 7% GST)

payable on approval of Student Pass by Immigration and checkpoint Authority (ICA)


Link to course fees:




Withdrawal and deferment notice must be made in writing to Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA) via email to

For withdrawal cases, the portion of course fee to be refunded is based on the date of notice as follows:

  • 2 weeks before the commencement of the course - Full refund
  • Less than 2 weeks before commencement of the course - 70% refund
  • On or after date of commencement - No refund
    * Unless otherwise stated in the course webpage


The Singapore Polytechnic reserves the right to cancel or postpone any of the courses. Applicants will be duly notified and where applicable, the full fees will be refunded.

The Singapore Polytechnic also reserves the right to amend the fees charged or the period and duration of the courses.

VENUESingapore Maritime Academy

Once 'Letter of Assessment' is issued, candidates will need to apply for 'Letter of Eligibility' (LOE) from 'Maritime and Port Authority' (MPA) Singapore.

Admission will be given after the candidate obtains LOE from MPA. 

Click here to access the relevant information and forms from the MPA website

Click to download Admission form (Coc3 admn form 301209.pdf) 

AwardCertificate of Attendance

For any clarification or enquiry please contact Capt. Sahwan Osman / Capt. Samuel Jebakumar via

Email -

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