CoC Class 5 Marine Engineer Officer (Graduate Mechanical Engineer)

The GME Course aims to address the issues of shortages of well-trained sea-going marine engineers. Students pursuing this conversion course are required to have an engineering diplomas (for local qualifications) and degree in mechanical engineering (for foreign qualifications), to ensure their fundamental knowledge in engineering principles.

The programme is designed to bridge the gap relating to marine engineering knowledge, shipboard operation and safety. We anticipate this course would entice suitable graduates of mechanical engineering, or equivalent, to switch over to the maritime sector, which offers excellent career alternatives to the careers at sea and shore-based sectors which offer highly progressive opportunities and attractive rewards.


Holder of Class 5 CoC is qualified to work on board as marine engineer at the operational levels (up to 3rd Engineer). To be qualified for management level competency, candidate will need to clock min 12 months sea service time and return to SMA for a 6 month course preparing for Class 1&2 written exam. Upon successful oral examination with MPA, he/she will be qualified as Class 2 CoC MEO. With additional 24 months (or total 36 months after Class 5 CoC) candidate can go for the oral examination with MPA for the Class 1 CoC (there is a preparatory course which is not compulsory). Those who are consistence can obtain the Class 1 CoC within 5 years.

With valuable sea experience, candidate can also find well-paying jobs ashore as Technical Superintendent, Surveyor or sales/service Engineer.

SCHEDULETentative Planned Start Date: March 2022 (with min of 10 candidates)
DURATION22 weeks
COURSE FEES$8500* before GST
*Fee is only indicative and subject to final adjustment based on class size.

(i) Minimum entry qualification: Degree in Mechanical Engineering,
(ii) MPA Letter of Eligibility (for attending the 22 Weeks GME Course), and
(iii) Students must be medically fit as per the MPA Marine Engineering Officers (MEO) medical fitness guidelines.

Prior to joining the course, students must first apply for eligibility to sit for the Class 5 Certificate of Competency Written and Oral Examinations by applying to MPA with all supporting documents.

Students can apply directly on-line to MPA for the Letter of Eligibility using the links on " e-certification of sea farers " and " application for assessment of eligibility for Class 5 written and oral examination for Marine Engineer Officer " on the website: MPA Letter of Eligibility Application Information

For more clarifications on qualifications and training requirements for taking the Class 5 MEO CoC Examination at MPA in Singapore, please enquire with:
(i) Officer of MPA Singapore, Miss Farida Hannin
E-mail : [ Tel: (65) 6375 6250 ]
(ii) MPA Class 5 Examiner, Mr. David Tham 
[ Tel : (65) 6375 1240 ]

(iii) MPA Class 5 Examiner, Mr. Leong Peng Chee 
[ Tel : (65) 6375 6222 ]

MPA Mailing Address: 
Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore, Shipping Division,
Investigation and Certification Department,
460, Alexandra Road, #21-00 PSA Building
Singapore 119963

MPA Fax: (65) 63756231

MPA Website:

COURSE CONTENTSMerchant ship orientation Marine engineering knowledge Marine diesel engines Auxiliary machinery Marine boilers Air conditioning and refrigeration Instrumentation and control Marine electrical and electronics Fabrication skills (Bench fittings, machining, arc & gas welding)

Basic Occupational Safety and Security Training (BOSST) short courses (required for the shipboard training phase).

BOSST course consists of the following components:

  1. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
  2. Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
  3. Elementary First Aid
  4. Personal Survival Techniques
  5. Maritime Security Awareness Training

Basic Tanker Training*

This course is using blended learning model using web based online learning, practical and simulated training to ensure candidates will acquire the necessary skill sets and competency for the ship board operation.

*Basic Tanker Training is optional and additional for those who are preparing to sail on Tankers.
DOWNLOADSMPA Class 5 Guidelines Medical Examination Guidelines
ENROLMENTAfter obtaining the MPA Letter of Eligibility, the student can then apply for enrolment into the GME Course to the contact below:
Michelle Neo (Senior Manager)
DID: +65 6772 1116

Singapore Maritime Academy
Foo Nan Cho
(Specialist – Marine Design & Building)
DID: +65 6879 0415

Mailing Address
500 Dover Road
Singapore 139651
Tel: +65 6772 1316
Fax: +65 6772 1958