Marine Hybrid Power System

Students showcased their Hybrid Power System.

Marine Hybrid Power System.

Emissions from ship exhausts into the atmosphere can be potentially harmful to human health, damaging to the environment, contributing to global warming.

Should the energy source for ships remain highly reliant on fossil fuels, ships will continue to emit GHG and other harmful substances into the atmosphere. A hybrid power system can help to reduce fuel consumption, reduce particulates and improve energy efficiency.

Hybrid power systems are being adopted by some operators of smaller ships. They are mainly found in the cruise sector, used by the likes of the Norwegian explorer cruise line, Hurtigruten. Other ferry operators include Stena Line on board Stena and Jutlandica Horizon 2020 project on Ellen. There is still no study on hybrid systems on board cargo ships using slow speed 2 stroke engines.

This project will study the marine hybrid systems and look for a solution to design and build a marine hybrid system for slow speed direct coupled propulsion systems – a commonly adopted system for cargo ships to achieve lower GHG emission in this sector.

Marine Hybrid Power System


Foo Nan Cho


Samantha Glory Francis
Naufal Dani Zikry Bin Md Faizal
Muhammad Rifdi Bin Zulkfli
Muhammad Sobirin Bin Jefrey


Diploma in Marine Engineering (DMR)

SP Sustainability Matters